· The shell has been fabricated from tested quality steel duly welded, comprising of base frame, peripheral structure, self draining roof, entry doors and windows (as per client requirements).

· The eight corners are sufficiently strengthened to facilitate transportation, lifting and placing.

· The base frame is be made of pressed mild steel channel section.

· The side and end frame have been made out of pressed sections with suitable Profiles/pillars with sufficient strength;

· Exterior walls are made from18 swg. MS specially corrugated sheet.

· The steel sheet are treated for corrosion resistant. Panels are  vertically corrugated, continuously welded to top side and base structure. So as to offer better strength to weight ratio.

· All gaps are sealed at edges and at seams, bottom etc to prevent ingress of moisture.


Corner Post

· 20' = 60x60mm Square Pipe with 4mm thickness


Flooring Systems

· On the bottom frame 18 mm thick plywood, bison panel/E board are fixed by means of self taping screw.



· Self draining type roof are made out of 18 swg.

· M.S. sheet, adequate roof bows are provided.

· Roof are adequately cambered for draining rain water.



· Main door of the container fabricated by same material 3 feet width and 7 feet height and the frame of main door can be fabricated by 40mm squire tube with 3mm thickness.

· Main inner door would be Flush Door with wooden frame and Vision Panel (Size 3 x 1), with door closer and modular lock facility to maintain air condition.



· Standard windows 3 x 2 are provided.

· Aluminum framed with sliding glass (4mm thickness of glass) window are provided with finger press lock system.



· Floor would be covered by vinyl mate to give smooth, richness and  easy cleaning


Wall & Roof Paneling

· Wooden (white paddock) box framing to fix Mdf of container interior side roof and the wood frame thickness 1.5 x 1.5 inches.

· MDF thickness 6mm fixed by nails.

· Between the containers outer wall (Cordon steel) and inner wall the 50mm gap to be filled by Thermopolis to control weather (Heat and Cold).

· The roof interior portion of the container would be insulated with Thermopolis with 50mm (6 inch) thickness.

· The all side (four) interior portion of the container would be insulated with Thermopolis with 50mm (2 inch) thickness.

· Front side of the container electric power, spilt or window air condition and telephone provision can be fabricated with metal door.


Electrical Work

· ISO Certified standard wiring system is provided for your safety.

· Concealed wiring  with switches provided.

· 16 amps tripper is provided at the Main Entrance door to switch  all electric power points (5 Power Points).

· 20 amps tripper can be provided for Air condition.

· Bottom of window 1 No’s of telephone socket is provided.

· Two side top of the window each 1 No of electric power  5 amps 5 pin socket are provided.

· Two No’s of double fitting tube light will be provided. No Fan provision, if you required it’ll be extra cost.


· The Container have a 1st coat for Zinc Phosphate primer of 1 Coat

· 2nd Asian Enamel paint for final 2 coats.

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